A long long time ago life on Cronos planet was happy, residents were enjoying every moment, but something happened... Cronos was attacked by different kinds of apes, zombies, cats and a lot of the other offenders that wanted to spread across the Cronos planet to make it their own.

Original residents were really frightened what was happening, day after day more and more offenders were coming to Cronos and after some period of time original residents became minority on their own planet and their opinion was totally ignored. They were meeting in secret hideouts discussing how their planet could be saved from unwanted newcomers. Time passed and all of the ideas that came out of their minds failed.

Until one more...

Rescue mission

  • Capsules are being sent!

    1800 CroDoge capsules ready for start - Mint Live

    Spreading information about rescue mission around the world - run with marketing

  • 20% - First CroDoges wave appeared! - Battle vs Zombies

    Rewards draw : 10 seargant CroDoges, 5 standard CroDoges, military pay for 10 NFT owners of total value 3000 CRO

  • 40% - Second CroDoges wave appeared! - Battle vs Cats

    Rewards draw : 6 captain CroDoges, 5 standard CroDoges, military pay for 15 NFT owners of total value 4500 CRO

  • 60% - Third CroDoges wave appeared! - Battle vs Reptiles

    Rewards draw : 4 major CroDoges, 5 standard CroDoges, military pay for 20 NFT owners of total value 7500 CRO

  • 80% - Fourth CroDoges wave appeared! - Battle vs Apes

    Rewards draw : 2 colonel CroDoges, 5 standard CroDoges, military pay for 25 NFT owners of total value 10500 CRO

  • 100% - Last CroDoges wave appeared! - Grand Battle

    Rewards draw : 1 general CroDoges, 10 standard CroDoges, military pay for 30 NFT owners of total value 12000 CRO

Peacekeeping Mission

  • Rewards for the bravest soldiers

    Rewards for hodlers who hodl the highest quantity of NFTs

  • First new allies

    Listing on Cronos chain marketplaces

  • Supervising and protection of Cronos residents

    CroDoges staking program

  • Analysis of Cronos resources

    Creating of NFT rarity ranking

  • Regrowing economy

    Running new Advertising Map

  • New manufactoring

    Creating merch shop for NFT holders

  • History for future generations

    Writing small storybook about CroDoges history that will be available in merch shop

  • Democracy voting program

    Running voting system for every CroDoges hodler

  • Looking for more allies

    Trying to reach new big partnerships

  • Looking for the future

    Roadmap evolution


As a thank you, Cronos residents decided to allocate a piece of land for free to every CroDoge that will help in the rescue mission!
By having a CroDoge you will get a 1x1 land in our new Advertising Map for free!
You will be able to make Cronos great again, and by promotion show everyone that you are one of the Cronos Rescuers!


Price: 385 CRO

Total supply: 1800

Public sale


Team + Rewards

150 / 1800

  • Public sale:1650/1800

  • Team + Rewards:150/1800


  • Matt

    Co-owner of the project. Architect, investor, cool mind

  • Przemek

    Co-owner of the project. Visionary, analyst. Cronos NFT collector

  • Albert

    Project manager. Cronos NFT freak.

  • Kamil

    Community manager. Graphic & Web designer. Investor.


  • When will the Crodoges rescue mission start?
  • What blockchain is the project hosted on?
  • Do Crodoges have any utility?
  • How many Crodoges will participate in a mission?
  • Can I take a sneak peek at my NFTs?
  • Will Crodoges make a sound investment?


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